Two- person ticket booths and six-person ticket booth from Lion Fencing are affordable and great for your special event. The two-person ticket booth includes two windows, A/C for those summer events, and LED light with outlets that contain 120 V source power. Two-person ticket booth dimensions are 72 inches in length, 60 inches in height and 40 inches in width. Four window ticket booth includes A/C unit, LED light with outlet and 120 V source power. Dimensions for a four- window ticket booth are 8FT in width, 12ft in length and 7ft in height. The six- window ticket booth dimensions are 8ft in width, 24 ft in length, and 7ft in height. This ticket booth also includes A/C unit, LED light with outlet with 120 V power source. All ticket booths are insulated. Ticket booths are a great way to keep lines flowing quicker maintaining an organized fashion. These can be placed in entrances or by the carnival to sell tickets.