Temporary Panel Fence are easy to install and remove. Practical for relocating without damaging the environment. No digging required for this type of fence. Temporary panel fence use bases to stand upright and held together with clamps and bolts. Bases are 12 ½ wide by 33 long. Bases are made with 16 gauged 1 “galvanized tube. Sandbags can be placed on panel bases to give more stability and support. Need control entrances/exits? Access gates in 4’, 6’, and 8’ are available for security control. Temporary Panels come in 3 different sizes: 4’ in height 12’ in width, 6’ in height 12’ in width, and 8’ in height and 12’ in width. All sizes have 11 ½ gauged galvanized chain link mesh with a 16 gauged 1 “galvanized frame. This type of fence is perfect for construction site, festivals, concerts, sporting events, and beer gardens. Temporary panels provide clean lines that encloses the property and can be used to have multiple sections.